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This Wednesday, Marvel comics released All New Marvel Now #1 which featured the first super hero appearance of Kamala Khan, the new Ms Marvel who will be getting her own series next month. She is the first female Muslim character to receive her own series from either of the big companies, and because of this some people are saying this is all a stunt, that this is just something Marvel is doing to get attention. And you can say that all you want, but today two Muslim women who had never come into my store before came in and asked for the new book with Ms Marvel in it. We gave it to them and they started flipping through it and they both had the biggest smiles you could imagine on their faces. In fact I would describe both of them as being “giddy” even. So you can say its a stunt all you want, but end of the day thanks to the new Ms Marvel, those two ladies now have a super hero that they’re excited about, and that’s pretty awesome. 


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    I might not be muslim, but I’m also super excited about Ms Marvel :)
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    Faith in humanity beginning to be restored
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