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It’s just supposed to be a quick run out, grab the science van, because Jane’s settled in for the night, but if they want actual food for breakfast tomorrow, and not just the gas stations best approximation of fruit? Darcy’s going to have to hit up the Wal-Mart a few towns over.  It was just supposed to be that, but the van hadn’t been that great to begin with, and apparently running a guy that was pretty much made of pure amazingly dense muscle wasn’t all that good for it, because of course that’s when it breaks down.

So it’s like, two in the morning and the stars are beautiful, she forgot to charge her phone, and kicking the tires of the piece of shit isn’t doing anything to fix it. She’s hesitant to leave the van and start walking; partially for her own safety but also because Jane would get pissed off if any of her equipment  got grabbed when it was left alone.

She’s sitting on top of the roof, her feet dangling over the side nervously, with only the emergency blinkers going for light. It’s a little chilly, but that’s keeping her awake and watching the roads. Two cars have passed her and she’s preparing her words to decry civility in this day and age if this next one doesn’t stop.

But the car pulls over, and the guy that steps out is at least capable looking, even if his car is blaring 80’s pop music. He squints at her before saying loudly, “Need some help?”

"Do you know cars?" she calls down.

"Not as well as I’d like." he admits, "Mostly how to hotwire them when my partner hides my keys. She thinks it’s funny."

"She sounds like both a hoot and a holler." Darcy grumbles, "How about a phone then?" The guy checks his pockets, pulls out two and throws one up to Darcy, "Awesome, I can wake my boss up and have her bring the RV out."

"You’re going to make Dr Foster move the RV?" The guy half-teases, and Darcy freezes because what the hell, she didn’t say who she worked for, and she can finally make out government plates on the guys car, and that he’s in a partial jack booted thug uniform.

"You work for SHIELD don’t you?" She whines, and the guy introduces himself as Agent Barton, ma’am, real nice to meet you, I’m here to escort Dr Selvig to a different facility. It’s really just her luck that she gets someone she can sorta trust to pick her up on the side of the road and that she really doesn’t want to talk to. Because really, getting back their stuff was a nightmare in paperwork.

She says as much and the guy just laughs, “Ms Lewis, I promise you, I try to avoid paperwork as much as possible.” Okay, maybe this won’t be so bad. She motions for him to come up and join her on the top of the van as he calls in for help.

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