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okay, so I don’t always follow back my followers (because I am one of those people who wants to read everything on my dash) but I do every so often look through and see who is following me.

I believe a) I have found all the fanpeople in Central Illinois, and b) everyone is more accomplished and awesome than me. PhD  and masters students, mothers of adorable geeky children, people who write the fic I wish I could write, people younger than me doing amazing things and c) hello people from real life.

In short, followers, WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME?

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    My hawekeye bobblehead dances along to my ipod. Right in time. And helps me make fun of claim handlers. Knowing how many...
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    I have an adorable geeky child (and one adorable pinkandpurple child), an unemployable masters degree that I have used...
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    Our awesome is merely a moibus reflection; unending and always amplifying one another. *mystical*
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    Woohoo for Central Illinois fen. And my geeky child is awfully adorable :-)
  5. thegreatsporkwielder said: I’m a Master’s student! Phew, found my category.
  6. shinykari said: Whaaaa…? I’m not awesome. I am from central Illinois, though, so YAY!