30. Female. Insurance professional. Marvel Fangirl (Comics and MCU) and fic writer. Unusual Love for Darcy Lewis and Hawkeyes. Bellydancer, Hellenic Polytheist and Dionysian devotee. Living proof that you can disguise yourself as a functioning adult. 

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okay, so I don’t always follow back my followers (because I am one of those people who wants to read everything on my dash) but I do every so often look through and see who is following me.

I believe a) I have found all the fanpeople in Central Illinois, and b) everyone is more accomplished and awesome than me. PhD  and masters students, mothers of adorable geeky children, people who write the fic I wish I could write, people younger than me doing amazing things and c) hello people from real life.

In short, followers, WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME?